Monday, October 15, 2012

Project made during my time at Fullerton College. Started with Digital Performer and Native Instrument's Reaktor. Finished in Sonar 8.

I Talk to Machines

Song composed in FL Studio.

3D Robot Mesh

Wooden robot mesh created in Blender3D.

Having trouble viewing the high quality video with YouTube? Choose the lower quality video below.

Fire Baby!

Just a simple CGI effect using footage shot on my cellphone. Fire was made with Adobe Photoshop. Footage edited in Adobe Premiere.

Butterbean Project

Class project to make entrance theme based on the fighter Butterbean. Going for the gladiatorial pit fighter of the Roman times feel.

Evil Chris - Army of Robots

Song composed in FL Studio.

This is a project I did for class.  I composed the score and created the foley sounds.

Boy Wonder

This is a project I made in Photoshop. I took a ridiculous looking picture of me dressed as Robin. Then I sampled the skyline and Batman symbol for the Batsignal. Using various filters I emulated the comic book look and feel of the 90's and prior.

Saturn the Evil Planet

Simple graphic made in Photoshop. Took the ancient symbol for Saturn, added texture, and then a background glow.

In the Stars

A picture made in Adobe Photoshop.